The Influence of Global Markets on Dubai`s Essay Writing Industry

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    Raida Maisa

    UAE has become a strategic business hub. Due to this, global markets have significantly impacted other businesses, including Dubai’s essay-writing industry. Dubai has a diverse economy and international trade connections. Therefore, it has become a hub for educational platforms and academic services. The global markets have impacted services like MBA Assignment Writing Service in several ways. Firstly, with the growing organizations and multinational companies, the demand for essay writing services has also increased. They require professional help on various professional and academic work like dissertations, research papers, thesis, personal statements, CV making, etc. These demands come from individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds residing in the UAE. Moreover, Dubai’s alignment with global educational standards and its goals of making the economy rich in knowledge has also increased the demands of the essay-writing industry in the global markets. Also, international students studying in Dubai find it perfect due to the high infrastructure, fantastic quality of education, and availability of academic support. This has also helped foster the demand for such essay services. Lastly, the competitive growth of essay writing services has encouraged them to maintain integrity, high standards, and adaptability so that students can cater to their needs through these services. Well, this has also further influenced the global markets.

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